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I use to play 10+ years ago I’m wondering what server to play on and which realm to choose to have a somewhat active online experience are there any active servers or realms?


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    Welcome Back! If you play European times Hib is the best experience if dying is not what you want, but there is plenty of action to be had on all realms. Personally I play against the dominant realm but that can be more difficult.

    Alb is probably the easiest realm to get leveled up on and into a very new user friendly guild. All three realms do have BG or organized defenses generally, so you can make do anywhere. (top 21 of 25 rps were made by hibs last week though).

    Come to Ywain. Transfer your characters here. If you don't know how to do that just ask, there's a walkthrough. Ywain servers are all connected so the only difference is what server you want your house lot on. There are free lots on all servers.
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  • @Koe im working on getting my old characters back! I forgot the account name but an emailing them! Are their any certain classes that are just way op over the rest? I don’t want to grind out a class for it to be unusable in the end game
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    Lots of great classes across all realms. Balance is in my opinion very good atm. However some excel at zerging, 8 man, small man or solo.

    I would not play a hero solo, nor a NS in the zerg, but you can do both. You won't find a class that is going to dominate every fight. If alb consider a necro or Cab. If Mid, maybe a Thane. If Hib, Chanter or animist. On all 3 realms a mauler or support classes are great (cleric friar druid bard healer sham).

    Skill is also a consideration. Some classes can do well at different playstyles but how well you can adapt is a factor.
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  • @Koe whats this Zerg I keep seeing people refer to?
  • A zerg is a large group of players following (usually) a leader. Many groups together. The idea is they bring more numbers or have more coordination than you do and so they get the rps.

    On hib right now Herorius is running a Bg and does every day at this time. They call it the zerg. US evenings there is usually an alb/mid zerg and soemtimes hib also.
  • @Koe is darkness falls Still a thing? And if so which realm generally controls it?
  • If you play at this time of day, plz go alb/mid, they need you!
  • It doesn't matter what server you play on any more. All that choosing a server means is that the server determines what housing you can buy your house in. So if you choose Yvain1, you can only buy a house there, not on any other Yvain's. It used to matter because Yvain1 was the most crowded and therefore the hardest server to find a house. But currently with the low population, you can find a house in a good location any where.
  • Many here probably know this, but the term Zerg comes from Blizzard's Star Craft game.

    One of the factions was called the Zerg, and their special ability was being able to produce troops; Zerglings, extremely quickly and be able to overwhelm an opponent through a large number of troops... thus "zerging" their opponents.
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