King’s Armor

Hey all sorry for the noobness but are you supposed to get another set of king’s armor as a returning player ? I logged back my eldritch who was already lvl 50 3 years ago and already had a king’s armor at the time. I thought I would get an updated armor set but I just got a BP scroll, some plats. Any ideas ? Thanks
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  • If you lost your armor, go Kings Room and buy an armor replacement token from a merchant there (5p).
    Give it to the king, and you get a new gear.

    If you still have your old kings gear...i dont know, maybe destroy it, and get a new one.
  • The kings gear auto updates to the new gear if you already had the old set. If you dont have it anymore then you have to buy the voucher.
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    Ah ok great thanks for your help
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