ToA repatable quests.

Did they change how many time you can do them? I know they give bps now instead but it only let me do each one 2 times :(


  • Additionally, the repeatable Inarus' Bounty, Sudari's Bounty, and Eliana's Bounty quests are now only Weekly-repeatable and grant 15,000 BPs for each completion.
  • On Ywain you can repeat these quests as many times as you like for gold and XP, and they used to work that way on Gaheris. This has to be a bug, especially given how little there is to do on Gaheris from 35 to 40. Getting BP is supposed to only be once a week, but not repeating the quests altogether.
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    I've just rejoined daoc some weeks ago and have been leveling all 3 realms. On mid and hib I was able to repeat the lvl 35-40 toa quests (harpies, statues and such) as many times as I wished to get to level 40 but on alb I seem to have only been able to do them twice with both my characters, leaving me at level 38. No idea why alb is different.

    edit: I'm on Ywain, not Gaheris, so maybe not applicable, but this thread came up when googling the issue
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  • Weekly quest, right?
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    You are supposed to be able to repeat the quests once per week for bounty points, but as often as you like for gold and XP.

    My experience tracks with Shex's. I was able to repeat it as often as I wanted for gold on Ywain, Midgard. However, on Gaheris I can't even do the quests once a week on a Hib character. I was able to do them all once or twice (I think twice like the OP), and the quest giver has never offered them to me again. I parked my character next to the quest giver so that I could check. I tried several times last month. It sounds like it's bugged on Alb. Ywain as well.

    That leaves Mid and Alb on Gaheris where it may or my not be bugged, and two realms on Ywain where it apparently is WAI.
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    To clarify this, I was partially mistaken. Only Inarus' Bounty, Sudari's Bounty, and Eliana's Bounty quests are are repeatable for bounty points once a week. Those are higher level quests than this series.

    However, you are supposed to be able to repeat the level 30 quests for gold and XP after you do them once for bounty points. This currently works in some realms and doesn't work on others.

    This is a critical issue on Gaheris, since there is currently almost nothing to do to get from 35 to 40. There is no Moilvik, and task dungeons have been closed.
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