Live Server and Account Center Downtime for Patch 1.126B [*servers up*]

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The Account Center and all live servers will be coming down tomorrow, Thursday 11/21/19, at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.126B!

The following bug fixes and changes will be live when the servers come back up tomorrow. Check out the notes below!

Read the full full patch notes here.

  • The 7-days play time restriction limiting returning Endless Conquest (free) account characters from logging in has been reduced to 1-day!
  • Get an instant level 10 Loyalty Cloak token at the Mithril Shop now!
  • /BG groups and /release are back to normal and many more bug fixes!


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  • Good fixes and changes. Definitely moving in the right direction in regard to EC.

    Since you are able to distinguish characters created before the EC launch date, why keep the 180 days inactive rule to down grade from a subscribed account to EC? I assume the intent was to dissuade current subscribers from going F2P and prevent players from briefly subscribing to bypass class restrictions before going F2P. The former intent will likely lead to less players which is counter intuitive; however, the latter can be addressed through alternative means. Since you can track character creation, then you can enforce normal EC restrictions (i.e. new account limitations) on classes created after launch on subscription accounts that down grade to EC which I assume you will do anyways 6+ months from now. This effectively creates three different types of EC accounts:

    1.) Returning 1.0 - previously subscribed accounts that have classes created before EC
    2.) Returning 2.0 - previously subscribed accounts that have classes created after EC
    3.) New - accounts that have not been previously subscribed

    The 180 days inactive rule should be removed as it only adds an unnecessary barrier for returning players down the road.

    Also, please consider expanding the current class / race selection for new EC accounts to all classic classes / races (except for stealthers).

    On a final note, you may want to consider adding "tokens" via the mithril store to raise the realm skill point cap for EC accounts on a per character basis.
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  • This is going in the right direction.
    But i totally agree with Tyrantanic: removing the 180 days rule and introducing more classes/races for EC accounts could make EC much more attractive. We still need more population, to make the game attractive! Otherwise, people might leave it again.
  • Please elaborate what exactly 1 /played means.
    My hero has around 175 /played and it was created Oct. 2002.
    Are you saying 175 x 24 is the actual amount of time I've played that hero? Just seems like more than that to me. :)
  • I always thought it meant that character was logged in game for that about of time. In your case 175days
  • skeetz wrote: »
    I always thought it meant that character was logged in game for that about of time. In your case 175days

  • Each character has its own /played.
  • Switching to one day played is definitely a step in the right direction, but it will still create issues for characters that were created to be "mules" since most of these will tend to have very limited time played. To allow access to the stuff on these characters while keeping those of them with restricted race/class/level combinations from being played as "regular" characters, it would probably be possible to allow all pre-EC characters to log in, but to restrict any characters which don't otherwise meet the EC playability requirements from gaining experience, from grouping, and from entering any RvR areas.

    I also agree with Tyrantanic that the 180 day limitation on subscribed accounts becoming EC accounts needs to go. DAOC is competing with other free-to-play games without such a restriction. The idea should be to keep people playing the game so that they might decide to subscribe again.

    It also wouldn't hurt to have a few more options for EC classes to facilitate more balanced groups. The current selection is very heavy on support classes which many players don't seem to enjoy playing as much and the idea of free-to-play is for players to have so much fun that they want to subscribe. I think this is particularly important in regard to attracting and keeping new players. Allowing all of the classes that were available at launch except for stealthers would give players a much better overview of the game. Wanting to have access to the remaining races and classes as well as to get rid of the other EC restrictions would still give players a strong incentive to subscribe.
  • I'm finding play on EC with my 50 in a bg quite enjoyable. It isn't about rps for me. If it were I would have played a sneak which can rack them up by the thousands playing solo, especially now with Buffernator-type Supremacy potions. Sadly, My keyboarding skills are such that I will never be a solo force to be reckoned with.
    The idea of free to play isn't about making me want to subscribe; I can always do that if I want a house or any of the other things a sub provides. It's about playing, you know, fun. The mithril thing gives me the option of certain goodies should I so choose.
    The 180 day thing is fine the way it is. You snooze; you lose. Right?
    Swap out the Blademaster for a full tank and that's about all. A group of Menty, Menty, Hero, Hero, Druid, Warden and Bard would be awesome.
  • For me a big issue with the 180 days is that it essentially punishes subscribers for not keeping a continuous subscription which leads to bad feelings which I suspect will limit the number of players who will even bother to try again once the 180 days are finally up. I know some people who I play with on LoTRO subscribe when they can and go free-to-play if money is tight.
  • Update: 11 AM EST / 4 PM GMT: The Account Center and the Ywain and Gaheris live servers are once again open to all players!
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  • Like the old beer commercial says, " It doesn't get any better than this."
  • Any idea when the archived servers will be back online? I have just noticed one of my old accounts is now eligible for EC and I'd like to see what characters I have on it :)
  • Friteful wrote: »
    Any idea when the archived servers will be back online? I have just noticed one of my old accounts is now eligible for EC and I'd like to see what characters I have on it :)

    They are up now :)
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