Raggy REEELLLPPP !! How do I...

... get out of the housing area?

Hail and well met, all,

Like my Scooby Doo impersonation?

So, I found an old character of mine on Ywain 8, but even though I've never owned a house or been in a housing zone, I spawned there... and have no clue how to get out, lol.

There are no teleporters that I can find, and taking a horse to the housing entrance didn't seem to help as I couldn't figure out where to go.

Any and all help is appreciated.


  • Find a house that actually lets you enter and then use the teleporter in the house. You may have to check many houses before you find someone that allows strangers in. Otherwise there should have been a teleporter npc at the housing entrance near the merchant explorer.
  • there is also a zone exit at housing entrance lol
  • Ah son of a.... !!!

    When I was at the entrance before, I just went up and down the road thinking I'd zone out at some point... rather than, as I just now did, turn around and see the gate, teleporters, etc.

    Wow... I may be too stupid to play this game again, lol.

    Thanks for helping the mentally deficient.
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