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Hey all I came back with EC few days ago. I am an old fan from 2003. Had resub a few times and even recently in 2016 but thought content was meh to pay monthly.
Now I would like to play free just for the fun a few hours a week. Probably even just taking time to level up. Which class would you suggest? I have played in all realms, but less in Midgard. I have access to a few lvl 50 characters on 2 accounts but do not think it is any use (bard, Druid, BM, wiz, Armsman) to help with leveling these days (due to restrictions). Well thanks for your thoughts


  • I'm not even sure what you want. You level in the battlegrounds... so any class that can kill mobs will help you. Playing a support means that you have to become lucky that someone kills them for you.. but i would see how the server goes, because my loggins showed me that there are about 100-150 people per realm online at a time and that makes me wonder how long the servers will survive, because this should've come out last year
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    Well the BG xp is nerfed it makes no sense to level here to me. I am just playing around, I always liked the gameplay and environment . I am looking for a fun class to play solo in PvE, and also utility in RvR
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  • Not sure what the classes are, but anything with higher DPS is one you should choose. With realm buffs in the game now, you can have capped buffs from level 1-45 (that have no timer and stay on when you long in/out, unless you die) so the down time is a lot less. Also, you get buy regen pots
  • How about a Valk ? Fun to play ? I hesitate in fact between runemaster (but I played a lot of casters already), berserker and valk (the hybrid part sounds nice). Otherwise not sure about mentalist on Hibernia side ? Is it decent to level and then play in RvR ? And to finish, well Alb I could roll a sorc (and I did, lvl 20 now) but without a buff bot for their pet I do not think they are so great to level. Well it is ok but I am concerned with Alb population during European evening time
  • Cave Shaman is fun to level.
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  • Nature Affinity Druid.

    Because Doggo, catto or treebro pet
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    Menta is fun, you have much utility….DD, ae-DD, stun, NS, demezz, a pet, heal, dot, ….
    Should have no problem with leveling
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  • Thanks for the answers. I got a shaman so far, quite fun. Might play the menta as well and see. Any suggestions about spec for leveling solo ? Cave shaman, light menta ?
  • yes and yes!
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