F2P patch.

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Howdy folks, this is only the begining. f2p has only been live a short time... days as of a matter of fact. as far as it goes for the patch drops, i think its a good base and i expect/hope they expand on many of its aspects. As far as i can tell, Carolbroadsword has speculated more is coming...

Their is just a few things i need to point out to f2p players, it will be pay to win to a certain extent.. fyi im sure u will be able to do all kinds of things after the whole EC has been implemented such as, CL's, ML's, spend more than 60 realm points, but u know what u are gonna have to do??? huh, do u know? of course you know, break out that credit card or paypal account and pay a fee.. no subscription, no problem.. they will nickle and dime the hell outta you or make u pay an outragous one time fee per character lol.. do ur self a favor and subscribe :) no different than netflix....

Broadsword has been fairly good about addressing some issues. For example, when i see one of those pesky archers get zephyr'ed into a unaccesable area on safe EV and start shooting people, if i appeal it in prime time hours, they are dropped down in less than a minute :) so at the very least, thanks alot. Not to mention, whenever i deal with broadsword they talk and answer in a friendly way... i enjoy it thanks Broadsword.

With love,
Alittlepoke, your friendly neighborhood assassin.

Give us assassins a buff :smile:
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    Agreed they really need a business finance person on the team. It's about the total customer experience.

    You're more likely to sustain selling if the cash shop is value added with daily and rotational deals or even packages if you will.

    Put together a Mithiril shop package for Thanksgiving, black friday, even Christmas themed. Guess what Hallowed and Frozen stuff is nice, but if they had something that was exclusive and decently priced I would pull the trigger in a heart beat to purchase it.

    i.e. Decorations or new Trophies for my house in themes!

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