Shaman, how are they now, compared to (early release)?

Thinking about coming back to the game. Played in beta and then live a shaman and a skald. I heard that shaman (especially cave spec) have improved quite a bit. Could someone please enlighten me as to the main differences of the shaman class now compared to release? Thank you!


  • Depending on how long time has gone since you played last time there has been several changes to both Shaman and Skald. I suggest that you go to the official webpage to see the shaman spec lines, to consider what you remember having in different skill lines and what is the present version of shaman today. I would say that they have made the Shaman better, than it was from the beginning. Better utility, better healing and Friggs, buff share (steal buffs from enemies in rvr) and other stuff. All in all a good char to play in both pve and rvr.

    Skald can nowadays have 3 songs up at the same time, for example speed, celerity haste and healing simultaneously.

    But yet again go on to and look up the char, or open your account as an EC account and test it out for free yourself. :)
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