How long do the XP/RP off pots last?

Simple how long do they last? will I need to pay $2 every day, per class I play in the battlegrounds?


  • KoeKoe
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    480 minutes so all day basically on the RP/XP off pots.

    I agree that the single player use for all the pots is an issue. You can only play one toon on an account at a time, and there are many reasons to switch over the course of a play session. It's probably more of an issue for the other pots.

    There's little to no reason to spend money for the xp/bp/rp pots that only have a 2 hour limit and are also per toon. (It's also kind of annoying in my opinion that Items don't cost a "brick" amount that is divisible into what mithril packages are sold for. As in, you always either don't have enough or have to buy a big block and maybe a little one to reach your target. The pots themselves would be more useful if it were an account buff or realm buff, or something. I mean, if you play just 4 hours a day, to give just one toon an RP buff for the month at 2hr ea would cost you close to $50. Then when/if your group really needs you to switch that's probably closer to $75/mo. RP gain for last week was down significantly across the board. I know it's designed to get people out there playing, but at least what I've experienced over the years is that decent rp gain incentivizes people to log in= better action. There's always a ton more action for the festival months whenever there is an RP bonus in.

    Would be nice to announce a RP bonus for the month launch of EC or something.
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  • Thanks @Koe , looks like they are quite useless then unless I really don't play much. Kind of the standard micro transaction cash grab and not an alternative method to the subscription model :(

    Just wondering what cost/change to the pot would make it useful in you eye's.

    I guess for me it would have to save me money so I'm going with a 10$ mark a saving of 5$

    Currently that gives me 5 pots and as you mentioned if you want to play more the one class that day it means even less days of play. this is too low and along with other limits makes this horrible.

    If the extended the duration to 30 days that would give you 5 classes to play in the battle. This sounds better and if I only played in the battle founds the other requirements don't sound that bad.

    Or the could lower the price. The questions now is how many days would you play, and how many classes a day. Weekends would be 8 days, maybe a day or two during the week brings us to 10 and the assume maybe 3 classes brings us to about roughly 30 cents per pot or assuming the current $2 price 6 charges per pot.

    So if the pots had 6 or more charges, or the xp/to off buff lasted a month it may be reasonable. Right now it's a joke.
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