Still concerned

As a "Vet" subscribed account, I'd like to say I'm concerned by the slow down in xp, CL xp, global increases in bps price like 450,000 bps for ML 1-10. Now that no other alternative currencies exist this directly effects the global in game economy.

The only scroll worth it to CLxp, doubled in price in a single patch to 10,000 bps per scroll. This is after another previous price increase in bps cost previously.
As the patches come out why are subscribed paying accounts getting hassled by global changes that where enacted to "slow down" EC accounts?


  • Agree. Once again just like the class balance patch i feel too much has been done. Its complicated and people that even played currently are confused.
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    Couldn't agree more, and well said. I am essentially getting less (all around) for what I pay for my two subbed accounts than I did before, and on top of that; EC accounts seem pretty dissatisfied due to such severe limitations that there isn't much of a point for them in playing.

    It's kind of ironic.. a change intended to make more people play is seemingly making both subbed and un-subbed players pretty unhappy. Why it was decided to mess with anything other than the implementation of EC accounts I will never understand.
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