*screenshot* new pbaoe damaqe

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yellow realm buff acuity / 0 mom / 0 auq acuity

add wiz rr5 tickin for like 250+ or whatever same time as the pbaoe's.. ouch lol
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  • ps wts accnt with rr11 ice wiz ! rr11 scout rr8 bm rr8 healer rr8 sb and couple other lower chars pm offers !

    qo rock them 1k base pbaoes with all the new f2p players ! already hiqh enouqh for moc5+wp9+cap dex ! B)
  • Are you having another meltdown? Shut it and play!
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    just sayin if someone wanted ! I don't play it

    haven't played here in awile but them pbaoe chanqes sure do look fun.. o:)

    I think they doubled the amount of dmq wiz's rr5 absorbs to riqht before we left, prob be a freaken beast now lol, well till i flop and throw it anyway
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