Keep Raid Tonight! Thursday Nov. 14th 8pm est meet in emain

Doing a live played char only keep raid tonight in hope to give EC a refresher of the fun they can have on gaheris and for current players to do something a little different. Buff bots are fine for buffs but want to have it all live played chars. Dreads will be split at the end but the purpose of this raid is more for getting people together. Any and all lvl50 classes are welcome. Ill have BG up either on my friar Solokeeps or cabby Deamoncab.

I have today off so if anyone needs help hitting 50 before tonight hit me up here or in game


  • Wanted to thank everyone that come out. been a long time since i ran in a grp like that and it was a lot of fun

    8 live players showed up and we knocked out keeps and 4 relics. 444dreads and 4 relics were split. was a good time and got to see Mentals take no dmg move in person.......he died lol.

    Hope to do more of this in the future and get more people out. always open to suggestions for different days/times and what to kill
  • I haven't logged on Gaharis in ages, how is it there these days?
  • Quiet for the most part, anywhere from ten to sixty people according to /who. We still have our fun though. Gaheris doesnt need large numbers like ywain to have fun. A grp like we had last night is all you need to hit higher end content and have some good times
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