Live Server Downtime for Endless Conquest Launch and 1.126

Update 2:30 PM EDT / 5:30 PM GMT: Ywain and Gaheris are open to players and the Account Center is once again available! 

All live servers will be coming down tomorrow, Tuesday 11/12/19, at 5:45AM EDT / 10:45AM GMT for patch 1.126 and the launch of Endless Conquest!

Endless Conquest is here! Dark Age of Camelot is now be able to be played for free (with some restrictions) without an end date on both Ywain and Gaheris.

Eligible accounts should receive an email by the end of this week (or sooner) but even if the email hasn't come through, any previously subscribed account that has been inactive for 180+ days and is in good-standing is eligible to play for free right now!

If you are just finding DAoC or are a returning veteran, please check out our new and returning player guides to familiarize yourself with the game and all of its updates. There's never been a better time than now to Come back to Camelot!

Download the client for free now and then visit our Account Center and create a new account or return for free on an eligible one!

We also have the Patch 1.126 notes available below!



  • Come back to Dark Age of Camelot with Endless Conquest and play for free (with some restrictions) without an end date!

  • Getting back into the game has never been easier with new and improved Returning player quest rewards and updated King’s Armor freely given to all level 50s!

    • Is the new King's gear better than your own? Maybe!

    • Returning accounts that already received the old returning player quest can still get the new and improved one!

  • Been a long-time subscriber? Check out the new Veteran Rewards!

    • All "EU" accounts have been gifted +4 years of eligibility!

  • Changes galore to RvR quest rewards, objectives, and Ruined Keeps!

  • New wares are available in the Mithril Shop including the new Omni Dyes and much more!

  • New quests have been added to the newly streamlined New User Journey!

  • Check out the new class changes including updates to AoE mezzes, Stealth mechanics, and the return of PBAoE bombs (and more)!

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