Sub required for an old toon

i just enter the game after a long time, but i cant log to my lvl 50 necromancer , its says a sub its required. The character its extremly old and have far more than 7 days played but i cant acces to him. Besides some chars have dissapear like my old champ. Its any way to fix the sub problem or see why its not available ?


  • Hey Ashgam!

    If you cannot log in a character that otherwise fulfills the requirements to be played with Endless Conquest on existing accounts, then the required /played time has not been met.

    Regarding your missing character: Please open an /appeal ingame as Emergency Appeal that contains the following information:
    - the name, class, race and level of the missing character
    - the server it used to be located on
    - a date or time period when the character was logged into the game.
    Our Customer Support team will do their best to locate records of the missing characters to try and restore them! However, there is never a guarantee that deleted characters can be restored.

    Once Customer Support has completed their investigation on your missing character, you will receive an email response to the email associated to your game account. Make sure to check your spam folder, too!
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