Endless Conquest Problems

I have a couple of problems:

1. One of my old accounts from GOA days is showing as "Closed" still within account management (my other 3 accounts show as open and Endless Conquest status). The account dates back to 2004. Were old GOA EU accounts not included? The account username is "nat3s".

2. I can't login on all my 60s, pretty sure they all have >7 days played. For instance my old main a 60 bonedancer which is templated out and has MLs, requires me to subscribe, but my 60 Shadowblade which I didn't played as much is fine. Some of my buff bots are fine, others not. How do I verify which have >7 days played?

Is the 14 days free still a thing for resubbing or is it either resub or not now? Without the 14 days to give the game a try again it's a bit of an ask to get me to resub. Was hoping Endless Conquest would allow me to play my old 60s, bit disappointing as it could have brought players back.



  • Just posting to point out my obvious mistake... i meant to say my level 50s rather than 60s!!
  • Hey Defrag!

    GOA EU accounts are generally eligible to be played as Endless Conquest accounts as well. It sounds as if you already linked it to an EA master account; if you haven't, please do so and then check the status again. If it is already linked, please contact our Account Support Team via email at support@darkageofcamelot.com with a brief description of the issue and your account name so they can check what's going on here! Due to a high amount of tickets at the moment, response times may be a little higher than usual, so please bear with us! A reply will come via email, please make sure to check your spam folder too!

    There is no way for you to verify the /played time without logging in the toon. However, if a toon cannot be logged in that otherwise fulfills the requirements, then the required amount of playtime has not been met.

    As to the 14 free days, they do not exist anymore, Endless Conquest has replaced trial accounts.

    I hope this information was helpful, feel free to send me a direct message too if you have any further questions!
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