Proc Question

What stats if any effect the dmg for the different offensive proc types

Style attached proc- like a friar or mauler

Weapon proc-a dmg proc on a weapon

Offensive buff proc- buff given by yourself or grp mate that gives a %chance to proc a dmg spell like thane or valk

I'm not sure if these are just hard numbers or if some or all of them are effected by a certain stat


  • I know they are effected by MOM and MOF realm abilities mom increases damage% and mof razes the proc lvl so it get resisted less

    As for the stats i do not know but would think the normal spell stats would increase damage but not sure on the one
  • Thank you that is good to know, anyone else know if stats effect these as well
  • Mauler proc is based on WS so the cow hits a lot harder other races for melee mauler.
  • Weapon proc and offensive buff proc damage is affected by your spell damage and spell pierce % in template. As for RAs, MoM increases damage and MoF decreases resists rate, capping at lvl 50.

    As for style procs, the damage is affected by spell damage/spell pierce % same as weapon/buff procs, but also by weaponskill, which means str (and sometimes dex) stat in template also boosts style proc damage. Also, a weapon proc or a spell (Mauler) that buffs weaponskill also boosts style proc damage. Same RAs affect style procs and weapon/buff procs, but Aug Str/Dex RAs (depending on weapon type) will also increase style proc damage as they increase the characters weaponskill.
    Regarding MoF tho, the style proc level is the same as the style, so for example Valkyrie Roundhouse at 41 spear is a lvl41 spell and would require MoF3 to cap at 50, while Mauler Phoenix Strike at 50 FW is already at cap.

    And, of course, debuffing the enemy will increase your proc damage, for example matter debuffing on a mauler (Phoenix Strike proc is matter damage).

    Relic spell bonuses will also boost proc damage.
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