Can we give spirit cabalists and summoning SM some more useful spells?

Currently these 2 spec lines are very sparse as far as useful spec based spells. I guess BS wants everyone playing dark and supp SM, but spirit cabalists are a major focal point of albs. Having only one useful spell in an entire line that takes 46 points invested is kind of rediculous. Yes I know they can have blue disease and gray nearsight as sub spec but those are lowbie spells that get resisted a ton.

@John_Broadsword any chance we can add some flavor to these necessary but super thin spec line in 1.126C?

Maybe something like move single target disease or nearsight to spirit spec or maybe a pbae disease or AE or single target snare?
Symonde (Cleric)
Symfriar (Friar duh)
Symsorc (Double duh)
Sympets (Theurg)
Symmond (Arms)
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    Summoning SM is interesting. In theory it could be extremely overpowered (but only vs say clumps of 20+ but as you face more numbers you also face a lot more burst dps and would likely die while exposed/locking down). I would caution against making that line more attractive.

    Cabs are IMO "in a good place" in that they are one of the best utility/casters in a realm that excels at having powerful casters. I am always of the opinion that we shouldn't buff a class (or spec) simply because others around it are more powerful and people don't want to play it. That just leads to further reductions in balance across the realms/classes.
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  • I'm going to say two words that relate to the last time they buffed up the useless line of a pet caster:

  • yeah that line is still super powerful even as a simple low point off spec.
  • The SM pet charm could go into the summoning line with absolutely no loss to the dark line.
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