Shorten Spawn Request

There are mobs on gaheris in the mile gates on EV. These mobs drop dreaded seals which are the way we get rps on gaheris. They are a great mob to have for small man grps as there are only a few keeps on doable by small man. Im aware of how spawns work in the game and they dont rely on whether the mobs is actually there or not but i was wondering if the random time interval can be lowered. they can sometimes take up to 5+ hours it seems to respawn. can the time interval possibility be lower to say a random time between 1min-1hour? this would give small man grps a more consistant source of dreads and lets me honest at the moment unless your a bot squad your solo or in a small man on gaheris. (hopefully EC changes this :smile: )



  • @Lea_Broadsword @Carol_Broadsword @John_Broadsword

    Any thoughts on this or maybe other mobs to be added to NF? I understand laby drops seals but not at a fast or gaurenteed rate for say a 3 man team. With EC coming and hopefully new or returning players it would be nice to see increased spawn rates on Heralds or more named mobs in NF with a drop rate of say 3-5 dreads per kill (doorless towers with a lord?). With the class limitations and low RR start mobs like this would help improve RR and skill so that they could take on keeps at a later time. The gaheris community is a very helping one as im sure you guys know but sometimes its nice to attempt or make accomplishments on your own or with just your guild.

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