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If a person that is a paid subscriber are they able to still open an EC account? They would be opening an EC account and use it for buff bot in PvE. Asking for a buddy that is resubbing on 1 Nov 2019.


  • KoeKoe
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    My guess is that's going to be fine in PVE. I think macro groups in pve though, not so much for EC accounts.
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  • they should said you cant run it in a macro group. so i assume its ok
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    So can we allow f2p / EC accounts to create accounts and login ONLY to the Pendragon server? @John_Broadsword

    This will allow an influx of testers who can help to identify problems with EC before it patches and launches onto Live. Also a focused and time sensitive schedule of events would encourage others to copy over and help if needed.
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  • Thanks for asking for me @Fateboi! So @Carol_Broadsword will it be possible for me as a paid subscriber to still have an EC account that I can use to bot me in PvE?
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