Proposal to Modify Bounty Point Quests in New Frontiers

I have a suggestion regarding bounty point (BP) quests in New Frontiers (NF) in lieu of them becoming the primary alternate currency. Yes, I know Darkness Falls will have new BP quests to offer and I hope some of that spills over into classic / SI zones / PoC. However, the current BP quests in NF could use some adjustment.

The main goal of my proposal is to increase incentive to roam in zones other than EV. I suggest implementing / modifying the following quests:

1.) [Weekly] Doppelganger Invasion
- Remove doppel bosses and retain or increase regular doppel kill count. Remove RP reward and retain BP reward (20 or 25k). Credit can be obtained solo or in a group.

2.) [Weekly] Kill Sum Dragons
- Introduce a kill quest to replace the doppel bosses with the mini dragons found in all three realms (Emain, Hadrian's Wall, and Odin's Gate). Make credit for kills group only (based on total damage dealt and not death blow) and award BPs (30 or 40k) only.

3.) [Weekly] Kill Sum Big Dudes
- Introduce a kill quest for slaying the Glacier Giant, Green Knight, and Evern found in all three realms. Make credit BG-wide and award only BPs (50 or 60 k).

4.) [Daily] or [Repeatable] Supplies for the Cause
- Make this repeatable or daily (I don't care which) such that "solo zones" and mazes have consistent traffic. I know this was hinted at becoming repeatable in the upcoming patch. I'm just reinforcing that sentiment.

5.) [Weekly] King's Ale
- Maybe tie this quest in with Supplies for the Cause or remove it (i.e. 20 rubble, 20 king's ale, 20 supplies for completion). I don't see a reason to have two different fetch quests.

6.) [Daily] Manx on the Move
- Remove this quest and remove EV tower ports.

There's so much unused content in this game, I figured an easy way to provide incentive to explore some of it is to slap on a BP amount.

I think the [Daily] realm point quests need to be reworked or scrapped but I'll leave that discussion for another post.


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