How in the heck do I level one of these when I can't even kill a yellow before it reaches me?I was at maximum distance - which by the way isn't there an icon that show I'm at max distance instead of continually moving back until it says I can cast? I am not even ten yet.


  • Buy the merchant buff in cain , ligen or cruachan , will help alot
  • consider me new ) where would that be and what is it?
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    Depending on your level and gold availability you can take a portal to Druim Ligen and near the portal pad will be a merchant that sells full buff tokens (They will have a title of Realm Enhancement see attached screenshot). These will last until you are killed or manually remove them. Cheaper versions and ones more suited for your level can be purchased in battlegrounds. Talk to a portal NPC and take a trip to a battleground. In your battleground keep there will be an NPC that sells buff tokens that are more suited to your level usually. If you don't want to stay in the battleground talk to a portal NPC to teleport out. Those buffs will also stay on your character until you die or remove them manually by right-clicking them off. Just keep in mind when you level, you can access higher level buffs (such as the ones at Druim Ligen or in New Frontiers or next Battleground). Each battleground will offer higher level buffs for your level so if you have a previous buff token applied and want higher level buffs you will need to right-click each buff to remove them before using a new buff token purchased from an NPC. Good luck out there.

    Edit: I see you mentioned you aren't even level 10 yet. If you are in the starting zone then I recommend getting some money from quests and killing mobs and talk to the portal NPC in the middle of the town down the path and go to the battlegrounds. Once in the battlegrounds you can purchase a full buff token from a Realm Enhancement NPC. Once you purchase one token open your bags and give the token to the NPC. You will receive a full complement of buffs that increase your characters power. Next talk to the portal person inside the keep of the battleground to teleport back to the new area if you are still under level 10 otherwise you can port to I think it is Mag Mell for Hibernia (starter town after starter zone). Battleground tokens will be cheaper than Druim Ligen or New Frontiers. Good luck to you.
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  • I would go light if you are soloing
  • tysm for being detailed! I appreciate it.
    Now the next thing that would be Very helpful is Maps I can print out. I need reference points. I know my little in game map has edges that say different zones or sectors but w/o seeing what is on those sections, it is no help - when the game first came out - they came with huger maps for each realm. I've been googling for maps I can print without any luck.
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    Your best bet knowing so little about the game would be to go to the battlegrounds and talk to the very few merchants/NPCs there. They will buff you and offer you gear (after level 10 at least) and give you quests for gold, xp and bounty points. Leveling through the BG's is a very pleasant experience for the most part. At very low levels (less than 10) it can be difficult to kill a mob before it reaches you. however your health regen is significant at these levels, and people either group up or just melee the mob down if it closes.

    Find the porter in Tir Na Nog or elsewhere, and just say battlegrounds to him. That will automatically put you in a small but xp friendly area. You may consider going /anon while leveling in the BG's but most people report a good experience except possibly for the level 35-39 BG as that can have a lot of rvr players at times.

    The other thing to remember is to keep training every time you level or every few levels, whenever you will get a new main damage spell. Find your class trainer. (Say "Cruachan Gorge" to the teleporter, the trainers are possibly easiest to find there). Leveling up you want to make sure you keep all points in one spec line for the most part on Eldy. Light is good, but Mana also has its benefits, especially if you know how to "kite" mobs.
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