Friday Grab Bag - 10/18/2019

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Thank you all for sending in your questions, and remember to please keep sending them in for our devs! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

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There's an item called Doppelganger Heart Shard that seems to come from the doppel quest, has a /use 10% rp bonus. Curious if this stacks with bugg + like snatchers orions etc

The Doppelganger Heart Shard has a /use that applies a buff just like Buggane or the Battlefield potion. These buffs will not stack with each other. The first buff applied is the only one that will affect your character (until its removed or expires).

However, those bonus buffs do stack with RP bonuses from items like Snatchers or the Guerdon Mythirian (and Myth RP bonuses stack with normal-item RP bonuses too).

Additionally, with Endless Conquest we’ll be introducing some new RP, BP, and XP bonus buffs that will stack with items AND will stack with the existing RP/BP/XP buffs. More on those in the 1.126 notes!

I have been trying to figure out what the levels are for guards reporting small medium and large tree/cup/hammer (and if there is a fourth size). I thought the small size was four or more, but often I'll go to flames and there's more like 5-6 but no indication. Also, very rarely I see crossed swords. Is there an amount of deaths required for this to show up?

Thank you.

Here are the requirements for Cup/Hammer/Tree notifications:

Small: 4-15 enemy realm players

Medium: 16-32 enemy realm players

Large: 33+ enemy realm players

If there are 3 Midgard players and 1 Hibernian near an Albion outpost, there won’t be a Hammer indicator since there aren’t 4+ Midgard players in the area. So it could be that in your example there were 3 of one realm and 2-3 of another. 

When a given realm has the majority of keeps they also get a natural delay on their indicators appearing, to give the attacking realms more time. In those cases, it could be that the indicator is delayed and you arrived before it could show.  Also, make sure to click the ‘update’ button on the /realmwar window to ensure you’re getting the latest indicators!

Realm battle ‘cross swords’ indicators show when the following number of deaths OR rezzes occur in a given area within the past 2.5 minutes:

Small: 24-35 deaths OR rezzes

Medium: 36-47 deaths OR rezzes

Large: 48+ deaths OR rezzes

Sometimes when I log in I will /who NF to find out how many people are around (which generally gives me a good indication of if there is any action as the log in screen gives any underpopulation bonuses so you can compare). However it seems like there are a LOT more people in NF than what comes up with /who. I am wondering if this does not pull characters that are /anon, and if so is there any way to change the /who nf or just /who to show actual numbers (but not names and zones for the /anon people)? There have been times when I thought about not venturing out because it was an off peak time and it did not look like there was that much action, only to find many players out and about (on my realm and others).

You are correct, /who does not count /anon players. We’ll look into changing the total values to account for anonymous characters.

At what point on your character graphical model is Line of Sight spells/abilities checked from.  Is it the feet of your character or the waist or head?  And does character model height (tall, medium, short, Elf vs Lurikeen, Half Ogre vs Inconnu, Troll vs Kobold) have an influence?

Line of sight (LOS) is checked from the casting character’s waist to its target’s waist. So character height affects LOS in both directions!

What’s the latest on Endless Conquest’s release?

We’re still testing away and squashing any bugs we find! Right now, we have a few small issues we’re cleaning up, but no show-stoppers and still look good for a launch to our Pendragon test server soon!

Remember our Halloween Event is now live, so hunt down those pumpkin patches, defeat the Mournful King, and plan your Halloween RvR costumes  (image removed)

Enjoy the weekend all!

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