How do I craft after picking a trade skill?

Are we able to harvest what we need or does everything need to be bought from the various merchants? I seem to remember you could do craft goods for cash?

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    You have to get to 1,100+ to become a legendary crafter in most crafts. The first 1,000 or so points will require you to use ingredients that you buy. The rest of the way to 1,100+ will require some ingredients that you will have to farm (such as ancient lich teeth, otherwordly ore, orb of entropy, etc...). The easiest craft to do because you don't need to farm any materials but can buy everything you need.
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    Crafting is still a good way to make money. Both Spellcraft and Alchemy are fairly cheap to level (less than 10 plat for both I think). My advice is to level Spellcraft (up to 1000) first since you can purchase all materials from NPC vendors and there are always people looking for Spellcrafters. The next craft to focus on for making money is Alchemy (up to 1100). You can level up with dyes that use materials from NPC vendors but it will require rare ingredients that need to be farmed or purchased with BPs to craft high demand potions (Supremacy / Celerity / Omni) and procs. I would avoid leveling Fletching as it has become virtually useless outside of Battlegrounds unless you're going for the LGM crafter title. You may recall trinketing salvage materials to sell for cash at NPC vendors. While this can still be done, it's no longer worth the time as there are faster alternatives for farming gold directly.

    Edit: you no longer need to talk to crafting NPCs to obtain a trade. By default, you have access to all crafts on a single character.
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  • Is it normal for so much area to be free of mobs when traveling on foot looking to kill stuff ( not questing, just exploring ) Was heading south of starting area at Hib.
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