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Hoping for some quick and dirty RvR events to switch things up (not any pve or quests).

RvR is getting a little monotonous with the only option being zerg v zerg on ev. I think there could be cool and new things that would require very minimal coding. BG events yes... but also cool, new things like a "capture the flag" or a mordred zone, or a setup 3v3/4v4 zone in a TOA zone, or a BS organized draft night for example. (The last one doesn't even require any coding, just community organizing)

Small but fun new things like this for a weekend only could be really really fun. I can see it sparking a lot of interest in those players that have subs but don't bother logging in anymore because of the monotony of the current state of RvR.

Even if it was just 1 weekend a month I think it would draw tons of attention and breathe a little bit of life into Ywain. And if people don't like it, it only lasts the weekend. The events that the community do like can be brought back the following month.

For full community transparency I attached a poll to get a temperature check with everyone to see if it is just me or if others too think this would be really cool.

Totally understand if BS doesn't have the bandwidth and is solely focused on EC.
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  • Couple events that could be fun:

    - Mordred event : dedicate a non NF zone to be mordred style. Should try to match group sizes together if possible (2v2, 4v4, 8v8 etc). Port to a specific area dedicated to your group size. Could make it cross realm (any class can group together) or keep it realm specific (can only group members of your realm).

    Since a mordred event would probably see limited participation due to the actual player base being mainly zerg enthousiasts, maybe do an event where relics are a center part of the RvR objectives?

    Or do a capture the flag event in a BG? Put a relic/flag in the middle of a BG and have people fight for it, get points for getting it back into your portal keep. Once it's returned, spawns back to a random location (need to roam to find it) and it resets. Get BPs/RPs for getting flag/relic in PK.

    I think just being able to fight somewhere else than EV will be a breath of fresh air. Right now, a typical RvR night is:

    - Log in, buff up
    - open war map to EV, see which tower you have port to. Port to that tower or do safe port if non available
    - run circles going for flames for the rest of the evening.
  • Yea we should, agreed, and plan to after we get over the dev and general work with getting EC done and out the door. I've a list of different event ideas that I think would be good fun.

    Also getting back into a tournament of sorts like the 5v5 again, or a different format.

    Please keep voting and offering ideas, though, would love to hear them!
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  • It seems like the new and creative ideas for events is off the table for now:

    John_Broadsword Yesterday at 11:58 PM
    Of course, events are always on the table and we're certainly open to new ideas within the Frontiers, but other zones or ruleset type things are going to have to wait for now

    I thought it would be minimal dev work compared to what I have seen elsewhere but it appears I am mistaken. Totally get it.

    In such case I still do hope we can stir up RvR (one weekend a month) with events we have done in the past or no dev work required events i.e. tournament, battleground events, draft fights.

    One last consideration to help incentivize participation in the events would be receiving a new daily quest for the event or ensuring daily quests are still met while participating.

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