Crap STILL disappears AND I keep losing game audio (only) now also

@Carol_Broadsword @John_Broadsword SWEET! So not only do I get to die by an enemy I can't see, I no longer get to hear myself die! Such a sad day in DAOC. Not only has the issue with crap disappearing never been fully addressed (if there are Router/modem adjustments that would help, just post them for the entire community please)... on top of that crap I now completely lose game audio ONLY... randomly. On Mid Skald today in Molv, run a few rubble quests, all is well. Step away FROM THE KB for bio (3 mins), come back, game audio GONE! Vent audio works, Internet audio works... no game audio. I have to completely exit the game (log out and back on from the game screen doesn't work) in order to get game sound to come back. I've asked in Vent and /reg if others have had this happen with their audio... and YEP, it has. So please add entry 23482984729742908408 to your list of bugs please.

I was forced to update to the latest ver of WIN10 recently and that's when this audio issue started so you're probably gonna need to start testing on what's forcing game audio to shutdown on the latest ver of WIN10.

Edition: Windows 10 Home
Version: 1903
Installed on: 9/12/2019
OS Build: 18362.356

Will running the game in "Compatibility Mode" fix any of this stuff? If so, under which mode? If not, what other recourse do we have? XP and Win7 are no longer supported by MS. Is going back to an old OS and old drivers, and old video cards... is that pretty much what my options are?


  • @Valtar messag me on discord - i can help you with this.

  • @Twozero Thanks again for attempting to help but unless you intend to put the solution in here, let these "so called" support people earn a damn paycheck. Guess what @Carol_Broadsword and @John_Broadsword … lost sound AGAIN today, in-game only. I'm pretty sure I've lost sound almost daily since my original post on Sept 24th. I've checked the so called "Bug Tracker" for BOTH of these issues... and guess what, NEITHER ARE THERE! So are you saying that neither of these issues warrant being investigated by support? Cause if so, just let me know now and I'll gladly move on over to another <insert descriptive word here that defines what we can't say in here> where they actually SUPPORT the game and fix issues.
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    10/3 lost sound in game. Today, 10/4, between 2:15 and 2:20pm EST lost sound in game again. This BS is getting old....

    And this is why, as a current PAYING customer, I'll NEVER, EVER recommend this game to anyone I know.
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    Same ****, different day. I even had Comcast REPLACE my router today. Took less than 18 minutes of being logged in before I LOST SOUND! So in the last 4 weeks I've replaced my HD, reinstalled Windows 10 from scratch, reinstalled DAOC from scratch, had my router replaced, had my cabling replaced... [edited]. So there's no way in hell you can say it's on my end.
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