any csrs on here?

I am trying to help out a family member get his old account reupped for subscription. however the last time i reupped it for him we had issues where his main acct was hacked. long story short he created a trial acct to get everything downloaded and playing while we we got his hacked acct figured out. we are now trying to find a way to figure out which old acct of his has his mains on it and which is the trial acct. i have gone through the guild search and found his chars, however no acct information or even a date as to when the character was created. I do not wish to pay 2 months sub fees to get him access to his main so we can identify which was his trial acct and his main. anyone have any ideas for helping figure out which acct is which? Thanks guys.


  • Welcome Back to your family member!

    As far as I know the best way to do this is to email your request (along with the account names- no passwords please!) to:

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