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I have a question.
Iam playing on a 2560x1080 Ultrawidescreen, the problem I've got is I cant see as much as I can see on the bottom and the top of the screen as if I use 800x600 for example.
Is there any way to get a better view on Ultrawide, because it hurts my eyes and i get a headache of it. It feels like iam playing with zoom.
Thanks for any advice.
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    I play on a 3440x1440 ultrawide and haven't noticed a difference from when I ran a 2560x1440 non-ultrawide but there are limits on vertical viewing.

    Edit: Also this 08/02/2019 Grab Bag link will inform you of the camera zoom limits put into place.

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  • Hm so they dont want you to play with ultrawide cause maybe its an advantage but if you have an old screen with 800x600 you are allowed to have an advantage over players with ultrawide.
    Sad thing is when the F2P model starts, people will come with ultrawide and after they see its not working right, they move on. :(
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