Weekly quest idea

The relics have become irrelevant. No one really tries to take them. Some bg's will take them and drop them in the frontier. Maybe add a weekly quest involving relics? Get some action back in the mainland instead of running laps on the island. Any ideas?


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    I like the idea kinda like capture the flag In a way but bring them back to the EV island oblisk for credit and it will reset to its drop location.
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  • I love the idea of making the relics relevant again ... and maybe a weekly best dressed contest :wink:
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  • Well, I wouldn’t win, all my toons are in black like my soul!!
  • OF on the bird had small capture points. Could throw some in NF on live that boots coin/craft timers/xp boost to what ever realm holds them.
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  • Relics will prolly be fix when timers come out because then we will be able to take them back instead of haveing people change sides and make it so we cant het them back. Ya i know rhere are people who are pceing that hop to defend and for the most part they are not the problem.

    So i dont mind the idea of a new adjective in nf but keep the relics the way they are or give them a reset rimers of like a week so if they are not taken back by that time they go back to there respective relic temples

    With it being a week it plenty of time to use the crafting and damage bonuses at the same time makeing it not so bad for the underpopulated realms to get it back.
  • Heck can even say in region that the king has paid the ransom to get it back so that it blends in to the lore even more
  • Please make it that a relic capture is worth 50k RPs for everybody in the BG or in proximity of the keep where it is dropped.

    Make zergs have objectives worth RPs so they stop roaming EV.
  • Lol i would love an rp reward for relic captures
  • 50k is a bit high. But if you made a relic take worth 10k those things would be fought over constantly.
  • Or 15-20k. Either way its gonna go up because of getting rps while you're fighting for the relics...
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