Item Search Update

Thank you to all for the great feedback we've received on the official Item Search tool. The following updates should address most of the requests we've received, with any further updates/fixes to come after the Template Builder tool is released.

Item Search

  • Added 900+ items to the item database.

    • Please note that the item database is currently only for equipment and not for consumable or quest items, though they may be added at a later time.

  • Sub-menus now appear when selecting Weapon, Armor, or Shield categories.

    • Only one of the following weapon types may be filtered at a time:

      • Any

      • One Hand (includes Left/Off Hand)

      • Two Hand

      • Left/Off Hand

      • Ranged

    • Multiple armor types may be filtered at once:

      • Cloth

      • Leather

      • Studded (includes Reinforced)

      • Chain (includes Scale)

      • Plate

    • Multiple shield sizes may be filtered at once:

      • Small

      • Medium

      • Large

  • Users can now also filter weapons by their skill type.

    • To filter by a weapon skill, the weapon category must be selected and applied first, then a separate "Weapon Skill" dropdown will appear underneath the "Category" dropdown and above the "Realm" dropdown.

    • Multiple weapon skills may be filtered at once.

  • Users can now filter and search for item-based abilities.

    • Use the Advanced Filter form to select for Item Bonuses or Item Abilities then choose the relevant Bonus or Ability you wish to filter.

  • Improved the display of item abilities on item-view pages with short ability tags, descriptions, level, and expandable detailed delves.

    • Re-exported ability delves to update to their current values.

  • Users can now filter items by Bonus Level.

  • Removed duplicate magic resistance choices in their filter list.

  • Added a "clear filters" button that will clear all filters with a single click!

    • Clearing filters will NOT reset active search results until the "Apply Filters" button is used.

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