Minstrel class cloak pet blown up in safe zone

Hi there’s a bug with the minstrel class pet the loyal companion if you summon it in the safe zone area the realm guards blow it up.

Second problem with minstrels is the bug that happens randomly you lose ability to Mez run speed demez use your dds and any minstrel spells apart from pet charms.
As soon as you swap your harp or drum out for a weapon then back to instrument you are able to Mez with flute use your dds insta stuns and confusion


  • Thanks @Brut

    For the weapon one, can you give us more information, please. What action was performed prior to switching?
    You can follow your reports on the bug tracker here: https://trello.com/c/TxTuC9nJ

    And here for the guards v pets one, you can get an update on that here: https://trello.com/c/61snfvWy
    Charms can't be cast on realm-friendly targets. Also, the mob can theoretically lose its charm and be charmed by other realms (like all neutrally-charmed mobs). That means it can't be friendly to Albion and guards will attack it.
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  • Ok with the weapon switching bug it happens randomly usually in combat or it seems to be but sometimes it occurs when travelling.
  • Correct me if I’m wrong the minstrel class cloak produces a minstrel pet so surely this pet will be friendly to the realm as it has been summoned by a realm class.
    So if you look into the lore why would Albion realm guards attack a pet that has been summoned by Albion magic if that was the case any Albion pet summoned would be attacked by realm guards.
    I get where you say that the pet has to be charmed first but to me that kinda makes it impossible to charm it if your in a keep as the guards will attack it and if you look at this pet on a practical basis the main place you would want to summon it is in an area where you can’t normally get a pet like a keep.
  • Only thing that comes close on the Minstrel is when you have chanted up a single target mezz and enemy runs out of LOS it will continue to chant. This will cause some of the things listed like the in ability to caster another chant.
    The quick fix is to swap to your melee weapon it will cancel the chant, otherwise you have to cancel the single target mezz chant manually by re-clicking the ability. (Conc window shows what chants are active).
    Equal level pet charm is an instant cast so it will typically still work correct. The other pet charm for > 50 mobs probably won't work (purple chant), because Minstrel is still waiting for the single target mezz to land, so it's just chanting waiting for LOS again on the original enemy.
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