Is there still no way to consolidate plat on one account?


  • Buy mansion deeds, they worth 25p each, and you get full resale value.
  • Wish I could buy mithril with plat then plat with mithril. That way I could trade plat between realms. I’m poor on Alb. lol
  • I do buy mansion deeds, ty :D I want to put all plat on one toon to buy stuff w/o having a second acct or asking someone....
  • How much plat you lookin for on alb? And where do you have plat? I need a couple hundred on hib.
  • I have 200 plat on Hib. Need 200 on Alb
  • Is le perfect. I am on my Misanthropy toon now my alb toon is Badsquishy, just let me know.
  • Any Misanthropy toon on hib is me.
  • Ok will look for ya when I’m on
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