champ STR

my champ have 402 STR now, should i buy AUG STR to increase it to 450?
i heard that isnt much difference after 400 STR, is that true?


  • Anything more I believe would be wasting RAs. Champions are on a different damage table from the Hero class, hence the debuffs.
  • Nothing to do with damage tables... That's class design, not based on how stats affect damage.

    Past 400 strength you get diminishing returns, meaning that you get a benefit, but that benefit reduces the more you go higher than 400.

    So yes you will hit harder, but that difference in damage would cost too.much in RAs to be worth it.

    If you want to maximize damage, get Mastery of Pain. In todays game of out of control healing, spike damage is what you want.
  • Yes. Ra’s better spent elsewhere
  • then how about dual threat and mopain?
    i should get dual threat 3 and mopain 9 to get 49% crit rate?
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    You need purge , maybe ip and avoidance of magic too for sure , champion are very squishy on magic dmg .
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  • @Gackut you are going to nees survivability way before dmg.

    Some MoP
    Empty Mind 2-3 (stacks with aom you get from champ debuffs)

    I wouldn't get DT. Even at R12 I'd have MoP9 but stack defense passives/actives before DT
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