Please let us open multiple boxes for alchemy as well as multiple weeds.

Title says it all, we need to be able to open multiple if not all weeds or boxes at 1 click. Opening 1000 boxes takes hours of clicking.
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    1. No I like to click
    2. Add it
    3. Pie


  • and shards and anything else that requires /unstack /use
  • It is so time consuming for everyone, something needs to happen!

    I really don’t know how, but make it something like - Hotkey, click and it takes one out of the stack and places it into your bag. Holding hotkey and clicking multiple times results in filling your backpack with single materials, hence making it 100x easier and way less time invested in trying get the right ingredient or essence.
  • Also, please give crafter the autocraft ability so if I want to make 25 or so items I don’t have to hit the same key 25 or more times. If friggin WoW could do it back in 2004, why in hell can’t we do it by now in 2019!!
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