Friday Grab Bag - 07/05/2019

Yay Friday! And another Friday means another Grab Bag!

In a previous Grab Bag on June 7th, we answered a question on realm timers with our plan for implementing a realm switch timer, 30 minutes for subbed accounts, and approx. 4  hours for Endless Conquest accounts (triggered only if you earn RP/player kill). Following on from that, we've created a realm timer poll to garner feedback on the change, so please vote and let us know your thoughts! :) 

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, do please keep sending them in! You can submit any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission formPlease note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions!


Does 25% heal bonus work on the set value heal-over-times or only the percentage based ones?


The Heal bonus% stat only affects heals or heal-over-times that print a heal value into the combat log. Health regens and HoTs such as a Mentalist’s Sanative Trance (value-based HoT) or a Shaman’s Restorative Mend (%-based HoT) or a Minstrel’s Song of Rejuvenation (value-based regen) that do not print heal values into the combat log are not affected by the heal bonus% stat. Value-based and percentage-based HoTs and regens always grant the same heal amounts regardless of the user’s heal bonus% stat. These regens are affected by the Mythical: Health Regen stat values of their targets, however.

Currently there are no HoTs that print heal values into the combat log. The old Paladin combat-heal chant was an example of one, but that has since been changed to an instant-heal.

What can I do with Luminescent Exeregum stones if they have 0 charges on them?

There are a couple of options here:

Players with 0/1 charge ‘respec’ stones can visit the Realm Ability re-specialization NPCs in Camelot, Jordheim, or Tir na Nog and hand them the stone when prompted to initiate the ‘respec’ the old-fashioned way. Players must not have a Realm Respec already available for this option to work.

Players can obtain another Exeregum stone that has 1/1 charges (NOTE: Move the 0/1 charge Exeregum stone into your /bank prior to the 1/1 Exeregum stone entering your pack) and then stack the 0/1 stone onto the 1/1 stone. Both stones will now have 1/1 charges and can be used normally. Please be careful when performing this as the same process works in reverse and could easily result in both stones having 0/1 charges instead of the intended 1/1.

These options can be used with 0/1 charge versions of Abrogo, Exerpise, Iterare, and Ceriac respec stones too.

Why are some versions of items available in one realm but not the other, for example the OW 10 Curative Sunburst Studded isn’t available in Mid or Alb but is available in Hib.

Itemization tries to account for the general abilities a class uses as well as the archetypes (healing, melee DPS, melee-hybrid, caster-hybrid, and caster DPS) it fufills. Each item-reward tries to offer the relevant variations that correspond to a given class’ abilities and archetypes. Itemization intentionally does not offer every class every item-variation option, especially on very powerful item-rewards, because itemization is a contributing factor to class balance.

In Midgard, the studded users are Savages, Berserkers, and Hunters while in Albion the only studded user is Scouts. None of these classes are healing-archetypes or have even rudimentary healing as part of their class abilities and so would not get the option for a healing-focused helm. In contrast, Bards in Hibernia wear reinforced armor (equivalent to studded) and are a healing-archetype.  This is why Hibernia is given a Curative Sunburst reinforced option and the other realms are not.

It can sometimes get a bit tricky however, like with the leather Curative Sunburst helm, which is available in all realms. Typically, Albion’s Friar is considered the only leather-based healing-archetype class and so you may wonder why the leather Curative Sunburst is available to Midgard and Hibernia. The answer in this case is that leather-using Maulers have some rudimentary class-based healing abilities in Aura Manipulation. The difference here is that Savages, Berserkers, Hunters, and Scouts simply have no class-based heals available to them and so there is no studded version of the helm.

Does Mastery of Focus affect weapon procs?

Yes, it affects their resist rates.

From the September 14th, 2018 Grab Bag;

“The Mastery of Focus realm ability effectively raises a spell’s level by its listed amount (including style procs). Style procs have their resistances calculated based on the level of the style, so a level 39 style has a level 39 spell’s resist rate vs level X targets. The Mastery of Focus realm ability can raise that style’s spell level, depending on the amount of MoF trained, up to a maximum of a level 50 spell.

All spells have a base chance of 10% to be resisted, so a level 50 style proc will still get resisted at around that 10% rate, on average. However, a level 12 style proc with no Mastery of Focus will see around a 30-35% resist rate vs a level 50 target and a level 34 style proc without MoF would have a 15-20% resist rate, on average.”

Is there any way that an account ignore feature can be added so that we don't have to /ignore each character?

Yes, this is something we’d like to add when we get the opportunity!

Thanks again, all! Don't forget to cast your vote on our poll!

Enjoy the weekend :)

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