Loki database easy to import updated April 2019


So here it is, all credits go to the wiz @Teehehe

Its downloaded, converted, and adjusted from the BroadSword database that was last updated April this year, after that its been imported as txt file, and exported as a databasefile.

You need a loki install, and i would suggest cleaning the database, so you dont get dupes, by going to the loki install folder, and delete the user.db file, after that you press the search button, and press import, and point to the folder i linked to in this post, and it will take a min or two, compared to the 3 hour long import it used to be. (the db file needs to be extracted you should be able to do so with the build in windows extractor)

Let me know if theres any questions, im Bloodcore on the official discord, but check these forums too.
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