June Newsletter

Our June newsletter went out yesterday and features all the latest updates plus gives a sneak peek at our item search tool and what's coming in that regards. We've also a poll on the proposed realm timers so please make sure you vote!

Newsletter can be viewed in your browser here :)

Don't forget to take the quiz and let us know how you did! :D
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  • "A Look Ahead

    Work continues on our item search tool and we expect to have this tool out in the next week/10 days! This Item DB will also tie in with a template maker, which will follow after we've garnered feedback on the db itself.

    A character list similar to the old camelotmoneky/gimpchimp/daocutilschimp is also in the works.

    Please note this is a work in progress and not the finished product."
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    Oh nice going to need an updated signature. Fingers crossed that the new template maker is as fast and easy to use as @Hopz https://www.daocutils.com was
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  • Hi all, just a note regarding the item DB search tool: unfortunately it's hit an issue that's going to take some time to resolve, at least a week. We'll keep you updated as soon as more info is available.

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  • You just have to laugh at this point. Humor is the only remedy.
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