The use of expressive dance in daoc

Hi haven’t posted for a while but feel that I need to convey my feelings regarding emotes.
Recently when logging into game and zerging down solos small mans leet groups and HIBs I have felt that the rofl emote does not convey the full contempt bile hatred and pure disgust with the above groupings.
It’s just not doing it for me could broadsword please introduce. An expressive dance emote I would especially like the highland fling a highlander in full pink plate armour dancing the highland fling on my enemies head I believe would give a powerful expressive feeling to me and my cohorts fully implementing our feelings and bringing much joy to the land of Albion.
Now of course I can not leave out the other realms Hibernia could have straight forward Irish dancing how delightfull to have a dainty lurikeen dancing on ones head with there little cute boots playfully tickling your nose.
Or Midgard straight up Appalachian clog dancing.To all at broadsword I hope you take note that once again I have provided a source of meaningful changes that can once more make this game great again expressive dance is the way!


  • Nah, straight up t-bagging fully expresses it quite well.
  • I know my Ranger has experienced it a few times. lol
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    need Taunt to go back to the arms crossed by private area. was the best emoji ever.

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  • Put new emotes unlocked in the Mith Store....
  • Good idea
  • i actually like the idea of individual realm dances :D
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  • Thank you carol I think I also have one more idea perhaps while dancing on said enemy’s head we could perhaps have some cultural bagpipe music for the highlander or Michael flatlys riverdance for our Hibernia counterparts and finaly for the midgardian dancing the Appalachian clog dance maybe a short interlude of ymca by the village people.
    I’m sure this would bring many a tear to our dear clumpy Norse and troll combatants.
  • Can we throw in Dwarf tossing also? Besides the ones I have to FZ off me. lol
  • dwarf tossing is good though i must stress that the dwarf must be fulling accepting of being tossed as tossing a dwarf can be considered offensive in some cultures
  • i actually like the idea of individual realm dances :D

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  • As my Ranger is a Luri, I also vote for them to be catapulted in keeps!!
  • I love the idea of an expressive dance emote. I could picture myself doing this after every deathblow :)
  • Better if surviving members of your group could sync it with you.
  • You know I had to say it - Bunny Hop !!!

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  • Yes, not surprised. lol
  • Moon walk.
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  • While some updated dance or emotes would be welcome and fun, the premise is all wrong.
    The trend for zergs to rofl small and 8 mans who they steam plow over effortlessly is a result of some social inadequacy. (Not the zerging. Mass RVR is part of the game)

    If one has significantly higher numbers and they rofl, it is equivalent to one using a calculator to add 1+1, and then bragging that you got the answer correct.
    Another analogy is if a person with a motorcycle wins a race against people using push pedal tricycles, and brags.

    So for the socially impaired, here are some guides for when it is OK to rofl and not appear like some social reject.
    When you have less numbers and win.
    When you have no pet classes in your group, and you win vs those that do. (no one likes to see passive RP gains)
    When you see people using speed hacks, lag blinks and passive scripts to win, whether you win or not, ROFL is a must because that's just sad.
    When engaged against an enemy group, and a third enemy group adds with the clear intention of only attacking your group, while ignoring the other group except for breaking the cc you have placed on the that first group, and you win... then you rofl.
    In short, when you do something against the odds, you can.
    When you don't do anything special, you don't.
  • well put LunaVey
  • The 2 above comments totally vindicate why I rofl hibs solos leet groups and other people with inordinately high egos I revel in being socially inadequate and will drink a small glass of your tears as I ponder your own inadequacys in responding it’s a video game cupcake man up
  • I have to learn rules of emotes ? I barely know which magic to cast! In our wishes for things I want a flag that says don't hit me yet because someone just sent me a text and my mother called and the cat jumped on the keyboard and my nails aren't dry !!

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