Does Font of Power stack up with Enchanted Tinderbox?

Hi everyone, I'm still having problems with ML7. I was wondering if the power regain from Font of Power stacks up with Enchanted Tinderboxes. I'm also wondering, does it help to put down more than one Font of Power? How about more than one Tinderbox?
We're losing power too quickly for what we need to kill.


  • Not sure on ML7, is your minstrel, skald, or bard( not sure which realm you are playing) running power regen? Hell, since I’ve never really played those classes except solo in battlegrounds not sure if it works in combat.
  • Power font stacks with tinder boxes as well as crack from pots or class. You also have RA that stacks power and regain. Power charges on items/pots. Imo, if your losing power that much, you may want to take a look at templates in group. It helps to have power pool & syphon.
  • It looks like I hadn't been on in so many years that all my items were in 70% condition! I repaired them and the power drain stopped. Thanks.
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