RvR - Fight at Bold - EU prime time and beyond

The fight lasted over 2 hours. Mids on the outside and East Wall. Albs in the courtyard and West Wall. Hibs on outer oil and running between. It was amazing and incredible fun. Salute to everyone :)
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  • Honnestly wanted to start a post on this.. that was so awesome. About 30 mids, 40 hibs and 40 albs in the US afternoon. Thanks to Jennypala, Herorius and Annamaria for leading on each realm. We had a good afternoon and lots of RPS. Tought this game was dead but on this monday i was really surprise !
  • It was VERY VERY nice! We (Hibs) lost...but had so much fun! Great fight, many rps.... DAOC at its best! Thx to all players and the BG-Leaders! Please lets have so much fun again soon! :)
  • Game is FAR from dead. Don’t believe the hype. ;)
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  • DaRedANT wrote: »
    Game is FAR from dead. Don’t believe the hype. ;)

    Thank you, Ant! And I don't believe the hype, this will always be the BEST game ever, because we have the BEST playerbase!
  • Even us stealth zer......?! lol
  • No stealthers still stink up the joint :)
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    I was there. Was good action, but could have been very different if folks had used their heads. With the wall down and access to the stairwell, Anna refused to push the Hib back line each time their tank groups left the sanctity of the outer oil to kill Albs on the west wall, preferring instead to use catapults from the front tower. Could have been over in a fraction of the time but the lack of coordination let it run and run. Anna eventually ported the BG out without pushing in because it was zzz time. Was a shame that Mids weren't able to see it through.
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