Dear diary:

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I returned home to once again find that my things didn't look quite right. The decorative banners which I had chosen as a reflection of my allegiance to my fellow guildsmen had been uncerimonoiusly stripped once again from the entire abode and replaced with new banners entirely. No matter how many times I replace the unwelcome banners, they seem to magically appear every time I leave home to run an errand. It's almost like someone is watching me... Waiting for me to leave... Then running amok in my home.

But diary, that's not the strangest part. Every time I return home, I find all of my possessions have been moved around, shuffled if you will. things are never where I leave them. I've spent hours of my life carefully arranging and rearranging the items, only to find them all moved once I return home.
Sometimes, everything In the home is a different color. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. I sometimes come in fully expecting to find "goldylocks wuz here" scribbled on the wall.

I feel like my sanity has abandoned me. Despite all of my prayers to the heavens, the nightmare still persists..over and OVER and OVER.

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