May Newsletter

Our May newsletter went out yesterday!

Quick update on how things are going with Endless Conquest, and what's to come in June. Along with a new poll on templating, round 2 of our picture quiz, and more! :)

If you're not signed up to get it in your emails (sign up here btw), you can view it here in your browser.

Vote, and let us know how you did on the picture quiz :D
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  • Twitch sub checking in here haven't seen a stream in a very long time. Also any word on when there's going to be a twitch sub only channel/lounge? @fuji @Netcode @feeble
  • Not opposed to something like that in the future.

    Tald streams early AM (think he's on vacay atm). My own stream is down due to RL circumstances. I'll be back, just not quite yet :)
    DAoC Community Lead
    Broadsword Online Games
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