Patch notes

So far in 1.125D, my house now has the incorrect guild banners permanently displayed everywhere. All of my vaults were once again shuffled all around so that I cant find a darn thing, and everything in the basement of my home is tinted with a green hue.

If fixing the detaunt comes at the cost of destroying housing, I would rather the detaunt stay broken. Just saying.


  • Heya! I am sorry for the inconveniences you are having with housing.

    Please do the following for the vault chests: Pick up all chests with the house owner. Once you have them all in your inventory, place them back on the floor. This resets the display of them.

    Regarding the emblems, please try: Stand in front of your personal house with the character who owns it, and type /house fixemblems This resets the display of the emblems. Teleport somewhere, then return to your house. Should the house show the incorrect emblems again after using the command and zoning, please send me a direct message here with the name of the character that owns the house.

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