Friday Grab Bag - 03/29/2019

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Read on for the questions!

What is the cap for absorption buffs? Could you stack Physical Defence 9 with warlock 31% ABS Spell for 61% absorbtion?

There is no cap for absorption buffs other than their delves which typically top out around 30%-something for classes with long duration ones. An example of a very high absorption buff is the Sorcerer’s realm rank 5 ability that grants 89% damage absorption for a short duration.

The Physical Defense realm ability does stack with a Warlock’s absorption buff but the Physical Defense RA is not an absorption buff itself. It grants a bonus to secondary melee resists so having PD9 + the Withcraft absorption buff does not equate to 61% damage absorption.

Is the Conjured Bulwark shield’s reactive proc a 40% attack speed reduction (ASR) debuff? The delve is incomplete.

Thanks, we’ll get the delve corrected ASAP! Yes, it is a reactive 40% ASR debuff that lasts 20s.

How is crowd control (CC) duration calculated from resists, stoicism, determination, and mythical CC reduction? Where does mes damp fit in?

First, the duration of the crowd control spell is determined. A casted mesmerisation spell with a 70s duration value gets any +duration% added to it prior to any crowd control reductions taking effect.

Next, that spell’s duration value gets reduced by the target’s relevant magic resist value. Then the remaining duration value gets reduced by any determination and stoicism amounts (combined into 1 value).

The remaining value then gets reduced by any ‘dampen’ buff value. Lastly, the mythical: crowd control reduction item bonus is used to reduce the remaining duration value.

When endless conquest hits, what, if anything will accounts that previously subscribed get? Or accounts that hit "elder" title status? If anything special is planned for these precious accounts.

More details about specific account bonuses will be released when we’re closer to launch!


I wanted to know if there was a cap on the damage of the Mauler's **** Strike DD proc? Also, are DD procs affected by the VW class cloak?

I am asking because maulers in my group seem to have their **** Strike DD proc capped at 531 damage, with or without the VW class cloak active. Will perform more tests to confirm but I wanted to ask as well.


Spell damage caps are based on a myriad of factors including the delve of the spell itself.

Realm abilities like Mastery of Magery can increase that damage cap whereas a magic damage buff like the Valewalker’s loyalty cloak chant is not going to increase the damage cap but will still increase/affect the damage of the spell (or style proc) up to its cap.

Enjoy the weekend, all. I'm off to pick a lot of flowers :)



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