Macro Groups Have Returned to the Battlegrounds, Again... and they're not here to level.

@Carol_Broadsword - I've been seeing more and more macro groups in game, and especially in the Battlegrounds, Molvik specifically. Below is a screen shot from TODAY in Molvik (3/24/2019 @ 12:16pm EST). I was on my Alb Pally. Mids had taken AT, I dropped AT with trebs and was killing a guard by the destroyed wall of the tower (you can see the edge of the wall in the screen shot). This MID macro group rolls up and starts blasting me.


I thought macro groups were BANNED... especially if they are engaging in RvR combat in the BG's? The names of those that killed me are:

1. Zyonic
2. Disteria
3. Xionic
4. Cionic
5. Tioxide
6. Sividium
7. ?
8. ?

There was also a Hib-VAMP macro group running around in Molvik within the last week.


  • Please report any player or players violating the game's rules in-game using /appeal.
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