Friday Grab Bag - 03/15/2019

TGITGB! Starting this week's Grab Bag with some exciting news!

We're very pleased and excited to announce our official DAoC Bug tracker! This tracker will keep everyone up to date on the status of bugs and issues reported by you, our community, through ingame reports, the official forums, and our official Discord.

Please read the About this Board section on the tracker itself for more information! We're very much looking forward to the expansion this will bring to our interaction and for our community :)

As always, thanks everyone for your questions, keep 'em coming! You can send in any game related questions you have for our DAoC Devs through our Grab Bag submission form. Please note this is for game mechanic questions. Feedback/ideas/suggestions should be sent in through our feedback form.

On to the questions!

Can you explain Essence Dampen a bit? Tooltip says it reduces agility, but does not mention details, as in does it reduce quickness, or dexterity, or both, and by what amount.

Essence Dampen debuffs dexterity for a starting value of 55. Master Level ability delves are a bit on the vague side; which is something we’d like to address when we can!

Is there a base chance to crit on the vamp claw? And if not, why?

No, a Vampiir would need to have a buff that grants a bonus to spell crit chance for their claw DD to crit, as they don’t have access to the Wild Power realm ability.

The only classes that have a base chance to crit on spells are list casters. All other classes else can crit on their DD spells with the Wild Power RA or any other spell crit chance buff. The one exception to this is Valewalkers, who can crit naturally due to them technically being a list caster. This also only applies to DDs. Heals and DOTs do not crit naturally, even for list casters, but can crit with RAs.

A list caster is any class that benefits from the +Focus Magic stat bonuses on items and is affected by the Acuity +stat concentration buff.

I've noticed Savage insta taunt acts differently than other taunts - while other taunts simply might knock you off a horse - Savage insta taunt actually removes horse, gem, and any kind of speed. Can you tell us if this is working as intended?

The Savage taunt behaves no differently than the Paladin/Friar instant taunt or the various casted taunts when it comes to forcibly dismounting or removing speed bonuses from their targets. All taunts will forcibly dismount and remove hastener or speed buffs from their target. However, the Savage taunt does not interrupt its target like the other taunts do, which is intended.

Why doesn’t the Necromancer class have a base Armor Factor buff like all of the other cloth-casters?

This is because the Necromancer Spirit and Decrepit Forms provide and/or unlock other survival-based abilities that exceed or equal the benefit from the traditional base AF buff on other casters while the Chthonic form grants a much stronger version of the base AF buff already. Granting those forms the base AF buff as well would be too powerful.

Hello, I have been itching in returning to the game after 5+ years away. I’m just scared that I will be clueless as to what has changed and what gear and loot I need now. Is there anything implemented for returning players to catch up and how?


The first thing to do is speak with your realm’s King in your capital city throne room. There’s a free full suit of armor, jewelry, and starter weapon awaiting you that will quickly get you up to speed. From there, you’ll want to peruse our returning player’s guide for information on all that’s changed and where to go to acquire it!

Additionally, the Traveling Merchants are currently up and have many items for sale on their stores!

When you’re ready, hit the Frontiers’ and visit the Generals in the relic towns to get their RvR quests, which award lots of bounty points, and can mostly be completed with a little help from other players. Use the bounty point rewards to bountycraft any remaining items you want for your character’s gear!

And lastly, join our official discord channel where you’ll find lots of helpful and knowledgeable players from our community that can answer any further questions you may have!

That's all for this week!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone :) 

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