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Hello everyone! Just signed up tonight and have been playing for a few hours now. I tried a Mercenary out(didn't love it) and a Cabalist(a lot more fun to me). Still have no idea what class I ultimately want to do and will probably mess with a few more. Trying to figure out a few things.

(1) - Is there a good site that explains what skills you want to dump points into for each class? I know that there's probably varying opinions on what works best but I'm more curious about whether I should focus on 1-2 of the skills or spread points among all of them. Again, I know it varies by class(or at least I assume), but I don't want to ruin a class that I like early on only to figure it out later.

(2) - World Chat - does it exist? I see people running around but there's no in-game conversation at all. For some people that might be a good thing and at times, it probably is for me as well but I'm not sure how to join up with a good guild or get to know people because most don't stick around like enough for you to say anything to them directly.

(3) - Speaking of guilds. What's the best way to find a good one? Being a new player, I'd love to get in an active guild with a good number of veterans that I can bounce ideas and questions off of. I'm not one that looks for hand-holding but I do like to have some knowledge available if so.

I'm an old EQ1 player, so I enjoy playing these older games where the challenge is greater and you don't just run through everything. At the same time, these games can be very hard to figure out at times. As life has gotten quite a bit busier since my EQ days, I like trying to find a balance between the challenge and quality of life stuff. Mainly I'm just here to have a good time and meet some cool people along the way. Any answers to my questions or help/suggestions that could be offered would be great. Thanks in advance!


  • Get discord and jump into the DAoC channel. That’s where you can find people to help you and probably find a guild.
  • 1. excidio is a great site.

    I recommend Schamy,Cleric,Mentalist. (offensive ... not the boring healing spec ). Schamy has the strongest DOTs and D-buffs, disease etc. and a nasty damage reflection shield which kills melee classes in seconds. Clerics DDs are 1700 range, can stun and is very hard to kill in melee thanks to his RR5. And Mentalist has RR5 which makes him unkillable. strong DDs. and with a Set-Armor a 11*1.25 sec stun duration.
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    I highly recommend Obelisks class overview series ( ) to learn some about the classes in game. As mentioned before, is a very good site to check each classes abilities also, while some video guide on DAOC site also useful ( )

    If you ever decide to join the great vikings of Midgard, hit me up. :)

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  • Hop into the official discord server m8 for all your needs.
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