Champ experience points not being awarded


After I reached champion level 5, did the champion level 5 weapon turn in then went back to Green Glades to continue my champ xp grind. I was no longer receiving champion exp when I went to turn in the repeatable quests in Green Glades. Any assistance would be appreciated. I was working on the Dreadful Terror and Impending Attack quests, bu I have since relogged and changed zones, but to no avail. I still get other exp but not the champ exp

Ywain 3
level 50 paladin


  • Hey Qysh,
    the issue was resolved, you should now be able to gather further Champion Experience. We apologize for the inconveniences this has caused you!
    Happy hunting!
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  • Thank you!
  • Hello,

    My son and I are having this same problem on our lvl 50 inf's. we were doing the supply quest and getting great xp but last Friday it stopped awarding champion level experiance, we tried handing in the bounty point items that gave champ exp before but they don't now, killing players, fighting mobs, nothing is giving champ exp now.

    I'm stuck earning towards champ level 7,
    lvl 50 inf.
    Ywain 4.

    My son's toon is stuck earning towards champ level 6,
    level 50 Inf
    Ywain 4.

    Thanks for any help you and give or point me towards,
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