I have tried looking and couldnt find any define answer besides just some mentions here or there but...has BS thought or spoke about going onto Steam? I think they could bring in quite a bit of players (atleast try the game) if placed on there. I buy games and play them on there but I don't know what it takes to get your game on there, is it like Netflix? Where you literally sell your license to them and they gain any and all money from then on? then id'e say no, dont do it...but I dont think its like Netflix like that...but then again I cant stand 100% on that....


  • There was mention of it but my guess is that since they are owned by EA it’s a hard no go for Steam store.
  • I really think Steam would be the only chance to gain new players...since BC and EA are not putting any money into advertising the game (i cant blame cause if i owned the game and had money, i wouldnt waste any money on it either) but if your gonna stay independent than you need to advertise....atleast on Steam you don't need to advertise, your on a list of new games added, than for the rest of their life the game will be on multiple lists of mmo, f2p and such which are lists people are looking for, so they see this game they havent advertisement needed
  • Fateboi wrote: »
    There was mention of it but my guess is that since they are owned by EA it’s a hard no go for Steam store.

    This. EA owns both DAoC and UO so you won't find them ever on Steam due to Origin.
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  • You can still buy Origin games on Steam, my wife just pointed that out to me...she is a huge Sims player...and I play Command and Conquer (or used to) and got those through Steam
  • Possibly they were pre Origin, I'm unsure of dates.

    But we did update previously on this that it was in EA's hands and as they have Origin chances were slim.
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  • We've addressed this in a Q&A (quite) a while back:

    Are there any plans to put DAoC onto Steam? (Jermz, Bilalsparky, Kefkka, Asyasha)
    John: We’d love to get the game on Steam, it’d be great for the game. We’ve done all the work we can as s studio to get it on Steam, it’s actually in Electronic Arts’ hands at the moment, so we’re just waiting to hear back from them. When we hear something, you’ll hear something!
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  • Thank you both Carol and Lea for getting back on this and giving a definite answer! Love you guys! I think you guys do an awesome job for us players!
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