Thane temp needed & questions

Hi there! I am coming back to the game not from a long break but my old account is just lost so starting fresh (was always mained Zerker) but for those who love to make temp's (because I suck at it) I am looking for a melee Thane temp. I don't care how much it costs, actually the more the me something to achieve for a long time. Anyways the only demand that I HAVE to have is a shield that I can dye with guild emblem...I play with old graphics and cloak and shield that has emblem totally rockz! Even if I have to sacrifice some points in order to have that kind of shield. Anyways, I don't know what new items there are but I can easily find how to get them with questions and such.

Now to some Thane questions...first of all a spec? I was planning to do 50 SC, 29 Shield (ill never use bash, I think its a waste versus a 7 sec stun that i can get off just by waiting for a block) and then 44 sword? Might have some spec points left over or not enough, but what do you suggest? What should be my starter RA's? I hear Thanes shine after RR7 or, all of aug until stats are good...then go straight for melee crit? IP? then there is the rotation kinda obviously gets casts off if you can but the lvl34 sword style as anytime? What does Call of a Thousand Storms do? says high lvl mobs wont resist my spells as much? does it work in pvp? make my spells stronger? or just resistant?
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