Friday Grab Bag - 02/01/2019

Welcome to the first Grab bag of 2019!

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I play a mauler and I am spending my points a little more unorthodox than most. To make a long story short I am putting 18 points in staff and 44 points in aura specialization.  That will result in me having a rank of gift of Hibernia that is too high to use with my staff rank.

My concern is whether or not I will be able to cast a lower rank of that ability by default, despite having a higher rank unlocked so that it doesn't penalize me for putting additional points into aura specialization

I know in the past we had access to lower ranking spells, but now they automatically overwrite one another, and with this specific mechanic, there is that possible negative effect. I am wondering if that issue was overlooked or intentional.

Thank you so much!

Currently, no, only the highest ranked version of the spell is available as you specialize into Aura Manipulation. This was done to strongly encourage Aura Manipulation and Mauler Staff specializations to be raised in tandem.

However, this is certainly something we can look at changing going forward and allow the lower versions of the Gift-spells to remain in the spell list as Aura Manipulation is trained up. As always, we welcome additional feedback on the matter!

I’m trying to farm Icy Rock Paralyzer in laby for weeks now, killing all mobs that I’ve found on various sites as mobs that drop it over and over, but none have dropped it. Does it still drop and from which mob?

Yes, the Icy Rock Paralyzer shield still drops on all 3 realms. I

t has a very small chance to drop from almost any ‘Named’ monster in the Labyrinth. However, in Albion and Midgard, Prelate Quietus II is your best bet to obtain it and in Hibernia, Tiller Prime Peche has an equally high chance. Don’t forget that a list of monsters that drop a given item is freely available within our official Item Database!

When running with BGs it seems like there can be a lot of players ditching the “losing team” and joining the “winning team”  Is there anything you can tell us about anything in the works to deter realm hopping/jumping on the band wagon and promote more true RvR action? For example the idea of a realm timer has been floating around.

Realm balance is an important topic that our development team has and continues to discuss at length.

As we’ve mentioned in previous updates, we are planning to have an RvR population balancing system that replaces the current Dynamic Population Bonus system with the launch of the Endless Conquest update.  Whether that is a new ‘Realm Loyalty’ system that offers account-wide rewards for sticking to a single realm *in RvR* (PvEing on other realms wouldn’t interfere) for certain lengths of time or another, more active population balancing system specific to the Frontier regions remains to be seen!

At this time, we have no plans to bring back realm login timers.

How is the 25% reduction to blocking from dual wield applied?

I.e. if my rate of block is 40%, is my rate reduced to 15% or 30% (25% less than 40%?)

The 25% reduction to blocking bonus from dual-wielded attacks reduces the target’s block rate by 25%, it does not subtract 25% from their block rate %value. In the example given, it is the latter: a block rate of 40% is reduced to a 30% rate when facing a dual-wielded attack. 

For testing purposes and context: this dual wield bonus is applied to the mainhand and offhand swings separately. Meaning if a swing test of 1,000 is performed, the 25% dual wield reduction bonus can be seen when looking at the number of blocks on the mainhand OR offhand swings; but tallying up the total number of blocks from both mainhand and offhand swings would not give an accurate account of block rate.

Using the same example above, if there is a 40% block rate before the dual wield bonus, each of the mainhand and offhand swings will get blocked 30% of the time (benefiting from the 25% reduction bonus), but 60% of the time at least one of the mainhand or offhand swing will be blocked.

Hello, I have a question about certain  savage's Hand to Hand styles procs, in particular:

Kelgor's Bane: Increases your parry chance by 7.0% for one combat round

Kelgor's Claw: Increases your evade chance by 15.0% for one combat round

Tribal Wrath: Increases your parry chance by 25.0% for one combat round

How does this evade and parry chance bonuses works? Do they stack  with Savagery's selfbuffs? Do they last just until the next attack?

Yes, these bonuses only last one enemy attack round and are essentially added on to any other parry and evade bonuses that are active but will not exceed the caps to parry or evade chance.

Thanks, all!

Remember the Ghost Keep event ends February 6th, so don't miss the fun and rewards!

Enjoy the weekend :)

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